Online CPD for Vet Nurses

Anaesthesia for Critical Patients

There is no such thing as risk-free anesthesia in any patient, however, critically ill patients present unique challenges. This 90 minute online tutorial discusses pre-anesthesia assessment and stabilization of the major body systems, looks at the medications that are used, and the common side effects as well as discussing the monitoring equipment we have available

The Nurse’s Role in Behaviour

This 90 minute eCPD tutorial will look at the nature of problem behaviour and why it matters, and then will discuss how to identify indicators of minor and more major behavioural difficulties and when these issues are likely to be noticed. It will cover how nursing staff can help with prevention and resolution of pets’

Keeping Cats Indoors Forever

Drawing on experience gained in practice, this 90 minute eCPD tutorial will attempt to answer the question ‘how easy is it to ensure that a ‘captive’ cat ‘copes well’ and to highlight a range of behavioural issues that need to be addressed by owners whose concern for their pets’ safety leads them to impose an

The Cat Owner – Feline Friend or Foe?

This 90 minute eCPD tutorial for veterinary nurses will include: The role owners often play in the development of feline behaviour problems The consequences for cats of the misunderstandings people have and the difficulties that arise when we rely upon owners to identify behaviour problems Personality characteristics that affect owners’ attitudes towards their cats and

Bringing a New Cat Home – Avoiding Problems

This 90 minute eCPD tutorial will examine the initial period of cats new to a household and a novel environment is often a ‘make or break’ situation. Yet even caring cat lovers can be remarkably ill informed and/or casual when introducing a new pet to their home. Clumsy or impatient introductions increase the chances that

Managing Difficult Clients and Sensitive Situations

Working with difficult clients can be a source of extreme stress, anxiety and disruption in veterinary practice. This 80 minute online vet nurse CPD uses in-practice case studies to provide essential knowledge for understanding some of the intense human emotions arising that can generate anger reactions, and introduces key communication skills enabling you to work

Dental Clinics

Use this 80 minute eCPD tutorial to learn how to educate clients and start successful ‘dental clinics’. If you are a nurse that is already running nursing clinics, you may see dental disease in any of your clinics. Puppies and kittens can suffer from dental problems which require addressing- learn what to look for in

The Senior Dog

The requirements of the senior dog can be varied and this 80 minute eCPD tutorial discusses some of the most commonly seen diseases and disorders. We will initially look at monitoring the senior dog, along with urine and blood tests, and both body and muscle condition scoring. We will move onto dietary requirements of the