Online CPD for Vet Nurses

Flexi Online CPD

Our flexible online courses are just that! 

Aiming to replace our day courses in an online format, these courses provide 8 hours of CPD, to which you have unlimited access forever!  There are no set start dates or end dates – purchase, start and work through the course when it is most convenient for you

The entire course is available immediately following purchase – no more having to wait for new lessons to be released each week. Book a ‘CPD Day’ at work, and complete the whole course in one day, or use 25 minutes of your lunch break each day, to finish the course in a month

Flexi Online CPD courses consist of four modules (2 hours each) consisting of a tutorial, a quiz and further reading articles.  There are no forums, written assignments or tutor involvement.  Perfect for those of you who hate forums, or are self motivated and can learn without tutor support.

With no start dates, deadlines and unlimited lifetime access to the lessons 24/7, this truly is the ultimate in flexible online learning…. 

Read more about how these courses work: Flexi Online CPD Guide