Drawing on experience gained in practice, this 90 minute eCPD tutorial will attempt to answer the question ‘how easy is it to ensure that a ‘captive’ cat ‘copes well’ and to highlight a range of behavioural issues that need to be addressed by owners whose concern for their pets’ safety leads them to impose an indoor-only lifestyle upon their cats.

The trend for keeping domestic cats indoors throughout their lives appears to be gaining momentum. While there are some good reasons for doing so, this does raise concerns in relation to the quality of life and welfare of these cats that are never allowed outdoors.

The tutorial includes:

  • Examination of ‘The Five Freedoms’ and other relevant welfare legislation
  • Some important behavioural, management and environmental issues that this group of owners need to understand
  • The difficulties most commonly encountered when dealing with indoor-only cats
  • A range of practical measures that people can adopt in order to keep their indoor-only cats not only healthy but also ‘happy’.

This CPD tutorial is worth 90 minutes towards your RCVS requirements.