Nursing Orthopaedic Patients (Jan 2022)


6 week course (15 hours CPD), starting 17th January 2022


This 6 week course will cover many different aspects of nursing orthopaedic patients and the role nurses can play in giving these patients the best chance of a good recovery.


Week 1

The orthopaedic trauma patient

  • Presentation
  • Triaging wounds
  • Initial wound management
  • Open fracture management

Learning objectives

  • Prepare equipment for initial stabilisation of the trauma patient
  • Select dressings and materials for initial wound management
  • Understand the grading system for open fractures and how this affects management of these cases
  • Prepare all necessary items for treatment of open fractures


Week 2

Preparing the patient for surgery

  • Clipping and preparing the patient
  • Orthopaedic theatre nursing
  • Theatre set up
  • Instrumentation
  • Scrub nurse role
  • Cleaning and sterilising

Learning objectives

  • Create an appropriate surgery schedule
  • Identify common orthopaedic surgical instruments and their use
  • Prepare and confidently check the theatre set up for a range of procedures, including equipment
  • Have a full understanding of orthopaedic equipment and how to care for it correctly
  • Understand the benefits a scrub nurse provides to the surgeon, the patient and the surgical procedure


Week 3

Orthopaedic procedures – so many to choose from!

  •  surgery
  • Arthroscopy

Learning objectives

  • Understand the options available for common orthopaedic conditions
  • Create a case study for a patient they have been involved in the nursing care of
  • Identify common surgical equipment, its use and how to prepare for surgery


Week 4

Fracture repair - Internal fixation

  • Fracture classification
  • Implants and consumables
  • Surgical instruments and equipment

Learning objectives

  • Identify common surgical implants used in fracture repair
  • Understand how the method of repair used will impact on the care required for the patient post-operatively


Week 5

Fracture repair - External fixation

  • Implants and consumables
  • Surgical instruments and equipment

Learning objectives

  • Identify common surgical implants used for external fracture repair
  • Understand the instructions required by owners for the ongoing care and management of patients with external fixators


Week 6

Recovery and the post-operative period

  • Recovery from anaesthesia
  • Immediate therapy
  • Ongoing nursing care plans
  • Surgical complications

Learning objectives

  • Create nursing care plans for post-operative surgical patients
  • Develop the team role for nurses in the rehabilitation orthopaedic patients
  • Understand the key responsibilities for client communication and post-operative care
  • Identify common complications and how to ensure owners understand the potential consequences


The course will be fully tutored by Alison Young and will consist of 15 hours of CPD given in various formats, including tutorials, tasks, case studies, forum discussions and quizzes.


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Alison Young

DipAVN (Surgical), VTS (Surgery), RVN


Alison qualified as a veterinary nurse whilst working at a small practice in Hertfordshire. She joined the Queen Mother Hospital in 2001 as a general surgery nurse and worked rotating through all areas of the hospital. In 2003 she joined the theatre nursing team and studied for the Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Surgical) where she gained the highest marks for that year. Alison gained the VTS (Surgery) in 2015 and is Head Theatre Nurse at the Royal Veterinary College.”


“Really enjoyed today, thank you to Alison for a really informative CPD day”


“Speaker was great, very knowledgeable and covered a wide variety of orthopaedic cases”

This online course is worth 15 hours of CPD.


A certificate will be available from the ‘My Courses’ section, for you to download and print, once you have completed the course.  A permanent record of your total CPD hours will also be recorded in your account section.


Upon purchase you will be registered to attend the course, for 6 weeks from the start date.  The course will consist of various interactive tasks and lessons, including quizzes, case studies, forum discussions and further reading material.


The course is fully tutored, with new material will be provided weekly, but the onus will be on the individual delegate to ensure that all tasks are fully complete.  The certificate will only be issued at the end of the course when all tasks have been accomplished.  Fewer CPD hours will be awarded at the the end of the course if there are unfinished tasks or there has been no contribution to the discussion forum, for example.


The course is fully flexible, and there are no weekly ‘deadlines’ – the lessons and tasks may be completed whenever is convenient for each delegate, and any live lessons with be recorded and made available in that format.   Furthermore, all the course material (excluding the interactive discussion forum) will be available for a further 2 weeks, to allow delegates the opportunity to catch up on missed lessons and tasks, or to take the opportunity to delve further into the suggested reading texts.  Please note however, that the course will not be tutored by the speaker during these final two weeks.


After 8 weeks, all learning material will be cleared from the delegate’s account, so please ensure any important course notes or information is saved to your personal computer before this time.  If you make any personal notes during the course using the ‘take notes’ app, these will be saved, along with your certificate and CPD record for permanent access in ‘My CPD’.


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