This 90 minute eCPD tutorial will examine the initial period of cats new to a household and a novel environment is often a ‘make or break’ situation. Yet even caring cat lovers can be remarkably ill informed and/or casual when introducing a new pet to their home. Clumsy or impatient introductions increase the chances that things will go wrong, and the likelihood of failure is increased further when the household already contains a cat or cats.

Topics covered:

  • the various factors that must be considered in such circumstances
  • how and where things can go wrong
  • how to avoid disappointments and problems
  • practical measures that can contribute to success

Changes in the physical and social environments to which a cat is exposed have the potential to at best unsettle him/her or, depending upon genetic inheritance, temperament and life experience, profoundly affect its welfare and its behaviour.

The impact of change is usually lessened when a cat moves house with familiar people and perhaps with other pets to which it is bonded. Even then, how well and how quickly it settles will depend upon the understanding, skill and sensitivity with which the transition is managed.

Helpful, well informed intervention from veterinary professionals ahead of a home move or the addition of another cat into any household can therefore make a significant difference to individual feline patients and possibly the difference between success and failure.

This CPD tutorial is worth 90 minutes towards your RCVS requirements.