This 90 minute eCPD tutorial for veterinary nurses will include:

  • The role owners often play in the development of feline behaviour problems
  • The consequences for cats of the misunderstandings people have and the difficulties that arise when we rely upon owners to identify behaviour problems
  • Personality characteristics that affect owners’ attitudes towards their cats and behaviour programmes
  • The skills veterinary personnel and behaviour counsellors need to help affected cats

Fortunately most of the cat owners we deal with love their pets. Sadly, that does not necessarily prevent them having unrealistic expectations and making mistakes with regard to the management of their cats that result in problematic behaviour. Unwittingly, loving owners can be their cat’s ‘foe’ rather than their ‘friend’. As members of the veterinary team and feline behaviour counsellors we have the ability to significantly change such negative situations and safeguard feline welfare.

This CPD tutorial is worth 90 minutes towards your RCVS requirements.