Working with difficult clients can be a source of extreme stress, anxiety and disruption in veterinary practice. This 80 minute online vet nurse CPD uses in-practice case studies to provide essential knowledge for understanding some of the intense human emotions arising that can generate anger reactions, and introduces key communication skills enabling you to work calmly and confidently with difficult and angry clients to diffuse potentially volatile situations.

  • What is meant by the term emotion? How do we recognize anger in others and in self?
  • Identifying and working with human emotions arising from human-companion animal relationships and sensitive situations that could lead to angry reactions
  • Reflective listening, modelling and other effective communication skills for diffusing anger
  • Preventive strategies: how to avoid conflict in veterinary practice
  • Self-care, self-awareness and practical anger management

This CPD tutorial is worth 80 minutes towards your RCVS requirements.