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Equine Nursing – Flexi CPD

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Type:  Flexi CPD (converted from a tutored course)
Start:  On-demand / Unlimited Lifetime Access
CPD:    8 hours (UK), 8 points (AUS, NZ)
Level:  Intermediate



This CPD course is aimed at vet nurses working in general practice


Module 1

Broodmares:  Dystocia, Caesarean and Post-op Care
  • Define dystocia and recognise the stages of labour
  • Maternal causes of dystocia
  • Surgical and non-surgical interventions
  • Post-operative care of the mare
  • Post op complications and preventative measures

Learning objectives
After completion of this module, participants should be able to:


  • Know the definition of dystocia and be able to recognise the stages of labour
  • Understand the causes that can be attributed to the broodmare regarding disease status and/or anatomy
  • Understand when emergency treatment is required and what forms of intervention are recommended
  • Understand what critical care treatment and monitoring is needed to assist the mare in recovery

Module 2

Neonates:  Post Dystocia Resuscitation and Intensive Care Nursing
  • Foetal causes of dystocia
  • Emergency monitoring and treatment of the foetus in utero
  • Post dystocia neonatal resuscitation
  • Follow up intensive care nursing
  •  Emerging therapies for the post dystocia neonate

Learning objectives
After completion of this module, participants should be able to:


  • Know the foetal causes of dystocia and understand how they occur
  • Understand how foetal monitoring and treatments can help neonatal survival rates
  • Describe the resuscitation techniques used to revive foals
  • Become familiar with neonatal critical care techniques

Module 3

Colic:  The Nurse’s Role in the Assessment Workup
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Differential diagnosis – surgical or medical treatment?
  • When colic is not an intestinal condition
  • Preparing the patient for an exploratory laparotomy

Learning objectives
After completion of this module, participants should be able to:


  • Recognise the signs of colic and the reasons they occur
  • Understand the techniques the nurse can perform to assist in a diagnosis
  • Understand how to perform laboratory tests for colic patients
  • Understand what tasks are carried out to prepare the patient for surgery

Module 4

Colic:  Emergency Surgery and Post-op Care
  • Preparation of the patient in theatre
  • Anaesthetic risks in the seriously ill colic patient
  • Common surgical conditions of the small and large intestine
  • The immediate recovery period following colic surgery
  • Post op critical care nursing

Learning objectives
After completion of this module, participants should be able to:


  • Recognise how to prepare a colic patient in the theatre
  • List the common intestinal conditions that require surgical correction
  • Understand the steps required to safely recover a patient from colic surgery
  • Recognise how nurses provide intensive care to the post op colic patient


The course will be available immediately following purchase, with unlimited lifetime access and will provide a total of 8 hours of CPD (UK), or 8 points (Australia and New Zealand).

Release date: Jan 2024 (converted from a tutored course)

13 reviews for Equine Nursing – Flexi CPD

  1. Phoebe A

    A highly informative course and very applicable to practice

    Rated: Intermediate level
    (Qualified RVN in general practice >5 years – UK)

  2. Holly B

    Really engaging and interesting, well delivered

    Rated: Intermediate / Advanced level
    (Qualified RVN in general practice >5 years – UK)

  3. Emma Grady

    Great CPD, so informative and wonderful tutor.
    Excel staff were fab with questions and general course help.
    I’ll be back for further CPD.
    Many thanks

    Rated: Intermediate level

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Bonny Millar CVT(USA), RVN, REVN
Equine Nurse Consultant and Lecturer, The Open College of Equine Studies


Bonny gained a Veterinary Technology Degree from Harcum College, Pennsylvania (USA) and advanced her career as an equine medicine charge nurse at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center.  Bonny moved to Britain in 1991, settling in Newmarket, where she was head nurse at Rossdale and Partners in Newmarket for 12 years, then the senior clinical nurse specialising in equine critical care nursing at their hospital until 2019.  Bonny regularly taught and mentored equine veterinary nursing students while focusing on equine critical care, wound management and neonatology. Bonny was instrumental in establishing the first equine nursing qualification along with like-minded colleagues in 2000.  She was a BVNA council member for a number of years and subsequently became president in 2009 alongside her clinical role.  She also served as a Vet Tech in the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics.  Bonny has published many articles and has lectured at veterinary conferences around Europe and North America. At present, she carries out consulting roles for EVN awarding bodies and is a lecturer for The Open College of Equine Studies.

CPD Hours

This online course is worth 8 hours of CPD.


A certificate will be available from the ‘My Courses’ section, for you to download and print, once you have completed the course.  A permanent record of your total CPD hours will also be recorded in your account section.


Australia and New Zealand 

The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Regulatory Council has allocated 8 AVNAT CPD points to this continuing education activity.


This course is also recognised by the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association (NZVNA) as providing 8 CPD points.



Upon purchase you will be immediately registered to attend the course, with unlimited lifetime access.  The course will consist of four modules, where each module provides 2 hours of CPD, in the form of a tutorial, a quiz and also a selection of further reading journals, articles or book chapters.


The course is completely flexible, where all the learning resources are provided immediately – it is designed for you to complete one module per week, but it is completely up to you, how and when you decide to complete the course. You have unlimited lifetime access to all the supportive learning materials, and once you have completed the whole course, a certificate will be automatically generated.


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This course has been listed as ‘Intermediate’ level


All of our courses are aimed at veterinary nurses in general practice, but everyone who works in the veterinary profession is very welcome to attend, whether you are a clinical receptionist, veterinary surgeon, student nurse or have been a qualified nurse for over 20 years!


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