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Rabbits - What Nurses Need to Know!



Type:  Flexi (unlimited lifetime access)

Start:  Immediately

CPD:   8 hours (UK)

Level:  Introduction / Intermediate



This Flexi CPD course gives an overview of everything a nurse in general practice needs to know about rabbits – from basic husbandry and preventative healthcare, through to common illnesses and nursing in-patients.  Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of nursing rabbits including syringe feeding, fluid therapy and hospitalisation tips.


Module 1:  Understanding Rabbits

  • Normal and abnormal rabbit parameters (fluid intake, urine output, RR, HR, body temperature etc.)
  • The nutritional requirements and what rabbits should and shouldn’t eat and why
  • Commonly kept breeds and health and welfare related problems (brachycephalics, lops, Rex’s, giants etc.)

Module 2:  Rabbits in Practice

  • Advising clients on neutering, vaccinations, and health checking – the benefits for rabbits and when these should be performed
  • How to perform a head to tail examination, without causing stress to the rabbit and what to look for
  • Steps that can be taken to reduce stress in hospitalised rabbits and during visits to the practice

Module 3:  Nursing Common Medical Conditions

  • Nursing requirements for common medical conditions in rabbits, including flystrike, pododermatitis, dental disease and urinary tract disease
  • Should hospitalised rabbits be kept with a companion – the pros and cons
  • Caring for rabbits after surgery; getting them eating, mobilising and pain scoring

Module 4:  Practical Techniques

  • How to successfully place intravenous cannulas, syringe feed (even the reluctant rabbit) and take blood samples
  • Safe handling to ensure clinical techniques are carried out safely and successfully
  • Fluid therapy, discussing routes and rates

The course will be available immediately following purchase, with unlimited lifetime access and will provide a total of 8 hours of CPD (UK) or 8 points (Australia and New Zealand)



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Claire Speight

A1 Clinical Coach, C&G Cert Nursing Exotic Species, RVN


Qualifying as a veterinary nurse in 2007, Claire has always had an interest in rabbit nursing. She gained the City and Guilds veterinary nursing of exotic species certificate in 2009, and has worked as an A1 assessor and now a clinical coach within her practice. Claire currently works in Kettering as a Senior Nurse in a practice with a high rabbit caseload, and also frequently lectures on rabbits to both veterinary professionals and owners. Claire has and continues to be a regular contributor to several publications including; LAPIS, Pet Gazette, Veterinary Nursing Journal, and Veterinary Nursing Times, and is also the editor of ‘Rabbiting On’ – the Rabbit Welfare Association’s quarterly magazine.


Upon purchase you will be immediately registered to attend the course, with unlimited lifetime access.  The course will consist of four modules, where each module provides 2 hours of CPD, in the form of a tutorial, a quiz and also a selection of further reading journals, articles or book chapters.


The course is completely flexible, where all the learning resources are  provided immediately – it is designed for you to complete one module of 2 hours each week, however you may also opt to do the whole course in one sitting, or log in for 5 minutes once a month – it is entirely your decision.  This type of course is perfect if you are self driven and can motivate yourself to learn independently – if you prefer more structured courses, then please have a look at our online tutored courses instead.


The certificate will be automatically issued when all the modules have been completed.  Unfortunately, fewer CPD hours cannot be awarded if you do not complete all the tasks.


Looking for some further information? – please have a look at our Flexi Online CPD Courses – PDF Guide

This online course is worth 8 hours of CPD.


A certificate will be available from the ‘My Courses’ section, for you to download and print, once you have completed the course.  A permanent record of your total CPD hours will also be recorded in your account section.


The Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Regulatory Council has allocated 8 AVNAT CPD points to this continuing education activity.


This course is also recognised by the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association (NZVNA) as providing 8 CPD points.


This course has been listed as ‘Introduction / Intermediate’ level


All of our courses are aimed at veterinary nurses in general practice, but everyone who works in the veterinary profession is very welcome to attend, whether you are a clinical receptionist, veterinary surgeon, student nurse or have been a qualified nurse for over 20 years!


The courses are not formally assessed for skill level, so the following CPD levels are just a rough guide to help you decide if a course may be more or less suitable:


  • Introduction – maybe most suitable for qualified nurses in general practice approaching a new topic or looking for a refresher course.
  • Intermediate – maybe most suitable for qualified nurses in general practice along with referral / specialist nurses looking for a refresher course
  • Advanced – maybe most suitable for referral / specialist nurses and highly experienced qualified nurses in general practice.

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