Online CPD for Vet Nurses

Rabbits – Flexi CPD

This Flexi CPD course gives an overview of everything a nurse in general practice needs to know about rabbits – from basic husbandry and preventative healthcare, through to common illnesses and nursing in-patients.  Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of nursing rabbits including syringe feeding, fluid therapy and hospitalisation tips. Module 1:  Understanding Rabbits

Practical Anaesthesia – Flexi CPD

This flexi CPD course will cover all aspects of anaesthesia from induction to recovery, and is specifically aimed at nurses in general practice. Module 1:  Pre-anaesthetic Considerations Module 2:  Anaesthetic Induction and Maintenance Module 3:  Monitoring Anaesthesia Module 4:  Patient Considerations This CPD course is worth 8 hours towards your RCVS requirements.

The RTA Cat – Flexi CPD

Cats which have been hit by a car are a common emergency presentation to many veterinary clinics. This flexible online course will cover how to manage these emergency cases from the moment they arrive at the clinic, the stabilisation they may require such as fluid therapy, oxygen therapy and analgesia. Part of the course will

Anaesthetic Complications and Emergencies – Flexi CPD

This flexi CPD course will cover all aspects of preventing, identifying and treating many anaesthetic complications and emergencies including cardiovascular emergencies such as hypotension, hypovolaemia, haemorrhage, arrhythmias and hypoxaemia.  We will also discuss difficult intubations, respiratory complications, hypothermia, hyperthermia, anaphylaxis and regurgitation.  Additionally, we will cover management of cardiopulmonary arrests and instigation of effective cardiopulmonary