This unique 50 minute online vet nurse CPD course develops an understanding of human-horse relationships in a range of diverse contexts. Circumstances leading to equine loss are explored with particular attention to equine euthanasia and the special needs this generates.

Responsibility grief is identified as distinct in relation to personal responsibility for euthanasia decision making, and how to recognise this type of grief is delineated along with practical ways of supporting clients. How to recognise, respond to and understand prevalent processes in human and equine grief are discussed with practical ways of supporting surviving horses.

Considerations for how to work with grieving children and young people are outlined along with some potentially useful supportive interventions. will discuss the centrality of the pet-person relationship within sensitive practice and client care is explored. Counselling skills such as reflective listening and how to communicate empathy are introduced within a framework of compassionate communication skills. Practical case examples demonstrate how and where these skills can be used.

This CPD tutorial is worth 50 minutes towards your RCVS requirements.


CPD Course Content