Obesity Case Study Bundle: Parts 1-3


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Course Summary


This is a bundle offer, providing parts 1-3 of Poppy's obesity case study journey.


Pet obesity is a complex disease to manage and although many strategies are common to all cases, each individual case will have a unique set of considerations. This case study will describe a real case of obesity in a dog named Poppy.


Part 1: The Initial Consultation

This is the first in a three-part series looking at the initial workup appointment. Throughout the case many important elements will be explored in detail, with hints and tips to maximise the available time during these types of consultations. Multichoice questions will guide the discussion with answers and explanations given after each.

Skills covered:

  • Body condition scoring
  • Information gathering
  • Food choice and quantity allocation
  • Setting of a plan to provide obesity care


Part 2:  The Follow Up Consultation

This is the second in a three-part series looking at the follow up appointment. Weight loss rarely runs smoothly so the session will identify key concerns and discuss methods for helping her owner overcome difficulties. Multichoice questions will guide the discussion with answers and explanations given after each.

Skills covered:

  • Treat management
  • Food seeking behaviour control
  • Calculations associated with safe weight loss


Part 3:  Long Term Maintenance

This is the last in a three-part series looking at what happens once weight loss has been achieved. Maintenance of weight loss can be even harder than losing weight was, and clients require enhanced levels of input and support throughout. This session will explore how to help a client to maintain their dog’s weight in the long term. Multichoice questions will guide the discussion with answers and explanations given after each.

Skills covered:

  • Food selection post weight loss
  • Food quantities to maintain weight long term
  • Actions required if things change in the future

Each of the case study modules involves an introduction tutorial, further reading articles, and a video quiz with explanations.


Course Tutor

Georgia Woods-Lee RVN, Cert CFVHNut, VTS (Nutrition)


Attendance Certificate

These case studies are worth 3 hours CPD in total.


Supplementary Reading

Further reading material is supplied for this case study.


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Georgia Woods-Lee

RVN, Cert CFVHNut, VTS (Nutrition)


Georgia qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2004 from Myerscough College, Preston. In 2010 Georgia was appointed as Head Nurse and clinical coach of a small animal practice in Cheshire, developing successful obesity care and other nursing clinics.


In June 2015, Georgia took the position of ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Clinic Nurse at the University of Liverpool, Small Animal Teaching Hospital, where she is now dealing exclusively with pet obesity and nutrition. In addition to the day to day running of the clinic, Georgia also assists with the research the clinic undertakes and has provided education to vets and nurses throughout many countries around the world.


Georgia gained her Certificate in Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition in 2017 and the American Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) in nutrition certificate in 2019.