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Excel Membership (All Online Courses)

£125.00 Ex VAT on the 1st of each month and a £50.00 sign-up fee

Type:  Excel Membership / Subscription
CPD:   Tutored / Flexi / eCPD Tutorials / eCPD Case Studies
Start:  On-Demand
Level:  Introduction / Intermediate / Advanced


Excel Membership

Unlimited eCPD Tutorials and Case Studies, PLUS one Tutored Course and one Flexi Course each Month! 
  • Unlimited access for one delegate to the whole library of:
  • Attend one Online Tutored Course of your choice each month
  • Attend one Flexi Course of your choice each month
  • This is a membership plan with monthly recurring payments
    • The initial set up cost is £50, followed by £125 +vat each month thereafter
    • Payments will be taken automatically by Direct Debit on the 1st of each month
  • You may start your membership on any day of the month – your first payment will take into account the number of days left in that month.  For example, if you take out your membership on 15th June, then during checkout you will pay the £50 set up fee, plus £62.50 +vat for the two remaining weeks in June.  You will then pay £125 +vat/month starting on July 1st
  • The subscription may be stopped at any time by visiting your account settings
  • All courses will be removed from your account when the subscription is cancelled
  • Tutored courses and Flexi courses are subject to a ‘fair use policy’, whereby you may only enroll on one of each course type each month.  If one month you aren’t interested in any of the courses available, then you are welcome to roll over and attend two courses in a future month

Invoice My Practice


Debit or credit card is the preferred payment method

Please ask your practice manager or accounts department to visit the website, register an account in their own name, and during checkout, complete the ‘delegate name’ and ‘delegate email’ sections with your personal details.  We will then register you a personal account on your behalf, and transfer the course booking over to your new personal account.  We will of course email you all the information you need to access this new account and your CPD course.


If you need an invoice and no other payment method is available to you, then please email [email protected] with all the following information:

Please note the following:

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