MBA, BSc (Hons), VTS (ECC), VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia), DipAVN (Surgical), DipAVN (Medical), RVN

February 7, 1974 – May 5, 2019

Louise qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1999, having previously completed a BSc in Environmental Science. She gained her Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Surgical) in 2004, followed by her Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Medical) in 2007. She contributed to numerous journals and co-authored a book on wound management. She worked as head nurse at Petmedics in Manchester, the largest UK emergency clinic, for nine years, before becoming Clinical Support Manager for Vets Now in 2016. Louise was a double certified Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care and Anaesthesia, and in 2018 became the President of the Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians.

"Louise was a truly inspirational lady - her passion and enthusiasm was limitless.  I've no doubt her dedication to the profession, teaching and mentoring, will continue to inspire nurses for generations to come, to realise their potential and pursue their ambitions."

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