VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia), RVN

Anaesthesia Nurse, Sarah Smith Cardiology Referrals

Eleanor started her VN training in 1996, qualifying with credit in 1999. She worked in a primarily first opinion practice in Derby until 2011 when she moved to Pride Veterinary Centre, with a diploma led referral service.
Working alongside Veterinary Anaesthetists inspired her to learn more about anaesthesia and she soon realised that nurses could have much more involvement in improving patient safety.  Eleanor gained the VTS(anesthesia and analgesia) in 2014. Whilst working towards this she developed an interest in cardio respiratory medicine and currently works for Sarah Smith Cardiology.

What Our Delegates Say...

Lecturer was very good - interesting and very knowledgeable

Great course - good extensive notes provided

Informative CPD - lovely comfortable feel to the day - not awkward at all. Really enjoyed it!

This has been a brilliant CPD. Very useful information and I really appreciated the fact the lectures were aimed at first opinion practice and not just referral clinics.