Excel CPD has been listening to delegate feedback and trying to find more environmentally friendly ways to approach our courses. We have come up with a new '2018 CPD Binder' and a few other plans!

  1. Hotels will provide china and glassware rather than single-use plastic and paper cups.
  2. Water will be provided via jugs rather than individual plastic bottles.
  3. Gifts will be provided in recyclable paper bags
  4. Gifts will not be single-use plastic, and will have long term use eg fob watch, pens and pocket calculators
  5. All paper used by Excel CPD are classed as 'green products' and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
  6. All printer toners are sent for recycling
  7. Course bookings are sent via email, to minimise paper stationery use.

2018 CPD Binder

Our aim is to provide each delegate with a proper ring binder each year, which can hold several sets of our course notes, along with eCPD notes, certificates, 2018 brochure etc.  Most delegates attend several courses, so not only is this idea more environmentally friendly, it will also help with organising!

  1. No more plastic bound course notes - each set of notes will be paper with punched holes to slot into the folder.
  2. No more A5 notebooks - we are printing the notes single sided instead to reduce our paper use, whilst still providing ample space for delegates to make notes.
  3. The ring binder is made of recyclable plastic, so please re-use or recycle it.
  4. Please leave behind any spare lined paper, brochures, feedback forms etc, so that they may be used for future courses.

If you have any ideas or comments - please let us know