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february 2019

14feb9:30 am4:30 pmDealing with TraumaVillage Hotel Chester

14feb9:30 am4:30 pmEndocrinologyVillage Hotel Chester

15feb9:30 am4:30 pmAdvanced AnaesthesiaVillage Hotel Liverpool

15feb9:30 am4:30 pmMedical EmergenciesVillage Hotel Liverpool

28feb9:30 am4:30 pmEndocrinology - Medicine & Anaesthesia MixEttington Chase Stratford upon Avon

28feb9:30 am4:30 pmAnaesthetising ExoticsEttington Chase Stratford upon Avon

march 2019

14mar9:30 am4:30 pmPalliative CareMickleover Court Derby

14mar9:30 am4:30 pmTraumatic WoundsMickleover Court Derby

28mar9:30 am4:30 pmExercise Rehabilitation TherapyVillage Hotel London - Watford

28mar9:30 am4:30 pmBleeding Nightmare!Village Hotel London - Watford

may 2019

07may9:30 am4:30 pmDentistry for Veterinary NursesVillage Hotel Newcastle

07may9:30 am4:30 pmNeurology for Veterinary NursesVillage Hotel Newcastle

23may9:30 am4:30 pmSun, Pain and PoisonsVillage Hotel Coventry

23may9:30 am4:30 pmConsulting SkillsVillage Hotel Coventry

june 2019

03jun9:30 am4:30 pmAnaesthetic Complications and EmergenciesVillage Hotel Portsmouth

04jun9:30 am4:30 pmAdvanced Respiratory Monitoring - Capnography, Spirometry & Blood Gas AnalysisVillage Hotel Bournemouth

04jun9:30 am4:30 pmNeurological Conditions of the BrainVillage Hotel Bournemouth

20jun9:30 am4:30 pmThe Collapsed PatientVillage Hotel Solihull

20jun9:30 am4:30 pmThe Whelping BitchVillage Hotel Solihull

september 2019

09sep9:30 am4:30 pmECG Understanding and InterpretationEttington Chase - Stratford upon Avon

09sep9:30 am4:30 pmOncology NursingEttington Chase - Stratford upon Avon

october 2019

10oct9:30 am4:30 pmWorking with Challenging ClientsHoliday Inn Coventry

10oct9:30 am4:30 pmAnaesthesia for the Ophthalmic PatientHoliday Inn Coventry

24oct9:30 am4:30 pmThe RTA CatVillage Hotel Farnborough

24oct9:30 am4:30 pm'One Anaesthetic Protocol Doesn't Fit All!'Village Hotel Farnborough

31oct9:30 am4:30 pmToolkit in Advanced Medical NursingVillage Hotel Solihull

31oct9:30 am4:30 pmEmergency SurgeryVillage Hotel Solihull

november 2019

14nov9:30 am4:30 pmEssentials of Feline NursingVillage Hotel Nottingham

14nov9:30 am4:30 pmOrgan Based Approach to AnaesthesiaVillage Hotel Nottingham

28nov9:30 am4:30 pmTheatre NursingVillage Hotel Warrington

28nov9:30 am4:30 pmGastrointestinal DiseaseVillage Hotel Warrington

december 2019

05dec9:30 am4:30 pmThe Behaviour ConsultationVillage Hotel Swindon

05dec9:30 am4:30 pm'Is it a Seizure or Something Strange?'Village Hotel Swindon