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UserDateCPD HoursCPD Course
marooney0.83Physiotherapy for Post-Op Patients
neecie.dgm0.75Well Pet Clinics
Christine Robinson0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
Christine Robinson0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
tazmin2790.50Acute Heart Failure
tazmin2791.00Role of the Head Nurse
Christine Robinson0.17Local Anaesthesia of the Thoracic Limb
Michelle Morris0.50Flystrike in Rabbits
Sophie BAldock0.33Angiostrongylus Vasorum
kbell080.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
marooney0.67Respiratory Physiotherapy – More than just Coupage
marooney0.33Post Op Physiotherapy for Spinal Patients
marooney0.33Introduction to Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
abigaillouiseburdett0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
Christine Robinson0.50Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease
Emily Chatterton0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
danni_roberts0.67Anaesthetic Complications
Michelle Morris1.00Motivating the Team to Neurological Physiotherapy for the Hospitalised Patient
nicolagray160.75Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
Nathan Price0.50Calculating Feeding Plans
Nathan Price1.00Infection Control
nicolagray160.67Communicating with Customers
nicolagray161.33Managing Difficult Clients and Sensitive Situations
nicolagray161.00Rabbit Clinics
wendy.fox1.00Anaesthesia for Geriatric Patients
danni_roberts0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
mar-k3ch0.50Anaesthesia Equipment – Safety Checks
Alison Day0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
mar-k3ch1.00Parenteral Fluid Therapy
admin10.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
louisamoore790.50Respiratory Monitoring Under Anaesthesia
wendy.fox0.50Acute Heart Failure
sally2006901.00Communication and Counselling Skills
sally2006900.75Coping with Stress in Veterinary Practice
katie.morris0.67Anger Management
katie.morris0.75Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
pawsvets.lar0.75Chickens: Critical Care and Anaesthesia
pawsvets.lar0.50Chickens: Disease Prevention and Vermin Control
pawsvets.lar0.50Chickens: Diseases
pawsvets.lar0.50Chickens: Clinical Exam
Millie Holland1.00Assisted Feeding Techniques
Millie Holland0.50Calculating Feeding Plans
kayleigh.galdes0.50Anaesthesia Equipment – Safety Checks
kayleigh.galdes0.33Anaesthesia Monitoring Equipment – Troubleshooting
Millie Holland1.00Nutritional Assessment
jennieloweuk0.75Well Pet Clinics
kayleigh.galdes0.67Anaesthetic Complications
kayleigh.galdes1.00Anaesthetic Circuits – Safe Selection and Use
Sarah Jane Heritage0.50Capnography
emily.norton0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
nicolagray160.50Handling Aggressive Animals
nicolagray161.00Anaesthesia for Geriatric Patients
bex9940.50Chickens: Disease Prevention and Vermin Control
bex9940.50Chickens: Diseases
Michelle Morris0.67Transfusion Medicine
bex9940.50Chickens: Clinical Exam
bex9940.50Chickens: Breeding and Incubation
kimberleypinner1.83Understanding Feline Aggression
kimberleypinner0.50Handling Aggressive Animals
amy_rossington0.67Osteoarthritis – Diagnosis and Medical Management
little_miss_4getful0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
kayleigh.galdes1.00Anaesthesia for the Acute Abdomen
kayleigh.galdes0.50Acute Kidney Injury
kayleigh.galdes0.50Acute Heart Failure
kayleigh.galdes1.00Canine Senior Health Clinics
amy_rossington0.33Monitoring Blood Pressure under Anaesthesia
katie_miller960.50Gastric Dilation Volvulus
katie_miller960.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
admin10.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
georgia_sidiroglou0.50ECG Interpretation
wendy.fox0.50Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease
wendy.fox0.67Osteoarthritis – Diagnosis and Medical Management
nicolagray160.33Anaesthesia Monitoring Equipment – Troubleshooting
claire72080.50Anaesthesia Equipment – Safety Checks
claire72081.00Anaesthetic Circuits – Safe Selection and Use
katie_miller960.17Local Anaesthesia of the Thoracic Limb
Ginette Hewitt0.67Osteoarthritis – Diagnosis and Medical Management
katie_miller960.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
kayleigh.galdes0.50Mobility / Arthritis Clinics
katie_miller960.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
bury1.00Anaesthesia for Geriatric Patients
chiara.ornaghi0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
warren.liz0.50ECG Interpretation
warren.liz0.50Suturing, Gloving and Gowning
chiara.ornaghi0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
Ginette Hewitt0.83Urinalysis
Ginette Hewitt1.00Dental Radiography
warren.liz0.83Teaching Clinical Skills
Nick-nack101.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
Nick-nack101.00Anaesthesia for Geriatric Patients
Nick-nack101.00Breeding and Pregnancy in the Bitch
Nick-nack101.00Anaesthesia for the Acute Abdomen
Nick-nack101.00Anaesthesia of Neonates and Paediatrics
Nick-nack100.33Brachycephalics and Regurgitation
Nick-nack100.50Acute Kidney Injury
Nick-nack100.50Calculating Feeding Plans
bury0.50Calculating Feeding Plans
awilkinson0020.75Consulting Skills for Vet Nurses
warren.liz1.33Dental Clinics
bex9940.50Chickens: Behaviour, Trends and Breeds
elizabeth.hunt1.50Bringing a New Cat Home – Avoiding Problems
warren.liz0.33Anaesthesia Monitoring Equipment – Troubleshooting
elizabeth.hunt0.75Artificial Airways
charlie.sampson0.33Senior Feline Clinics
bethany.estelle0.75Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia
awilkinson0020.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
awilkinson0021.00Rabbit Clinics
kayleigh.galdes1.00Anaesthesia for Geriatric Patients
charlie.sampson1.00Rabbit Nutrition
kayleigh.galdes0.67Puppy Behaviour Problems
kayleigh.galdes1.00Puppy Socialisation
Shauna Spooner0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Horsemadclaire0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Olivia Coulton0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Charlotte Wheatley0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Amber Rogers0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Julia Smith0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Wendy Vaites0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Laura Maher0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Catherine Barber0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Nikola Capell-Turner0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Amanda Arme0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Sally Frith0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Rachel Epton0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Rebecca Morley0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Elizabeth Kitchen0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Vicki McDill0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
charlie.sampson1.25Understanding Rabbit Behaviour
bethany.estelle0.67Anaesthetic Complications
nicola.halfpenny9990.67Pet Bereavement
charlie.sampson0.83Parrot Behaviour
emmaamme20000.75Understanding Neuromuscular Blockade
emmaamme20001.00Assisted Feeding Techniques
Michelle Morris0.75Artificial Airways
pawsvets.lar0.50Chickens: Breeding and Incubation
Claire10.75Pain Physiology and Assessment
katiemayboylan0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
pawsvets.lar0.50Chickens: Behaviour, Trends and Breeds
pawsvets.lar0.50Chickens: Husbandry and Regulations
groovyjulie210.50How to Identify and Cope with Cardiac Concerns in Anaesthesia
pawsvets.lar0.50Chickens: Anatomy and Physiology
pawsvets.lar1.00Blood Transfusions
charlie.sampson0.75Chickens: Critical Care and Anaesthesia
charlie.sampson0.50Chickens: Disease Prevention and Vermin Control
pawsvets.lar0.33Anaesthesia Monitoring Equipment – Troubleshooting
emmaamme20001.00Chronic Diarrhoea
emmaamme20001.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
charlie.sampson0.50Chickens: Diseases
charlie.sampson0.50Chickens: Clinical Exam
natasha.perera0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Steph0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
charlie.sampson0.50Chickens: Breeding and Incubation
charlie.sampson0.50Chickens: Behaviour, Trends and Breeds
charlie.sampson0.50Chickens: Husbandry and Regulations
charlie.sampson0.50Chickens: Anatomy and Physiology
lianne.payne1.00The Diabetic Clinic
little_miss_4getful0.50ECG Interpretation
Steph0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Steph1.00Safe Anaesthesia for Brachycephalics
hjayyy60.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Michelle Grey0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Claudia Henderson0.50ECG Interpretation
campbellandgallowaynews1.00Understanding the ‘Human-Companion Animal Relationship’
campbellandgallowaynews0.67Pet Bereavement
hjayyy60.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
foalingattendant0.50Intensive Care of the Foal
n.hattori0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
n.hattori0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
danielle.dedicoat1.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
danielle.dedicoat1.00Anaesthesia for Geriatric Patients
Claire Martin0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
foalingattendant0.33Physical Examination of the Equine Neonate
laylamackie0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Emma Wood0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Emma Wood0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
krnsmith0.50Local Anaesthesia and Regional Nerve Blocks
Claire Martin0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Claire Martin0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
louise.hodnett0.33Anaesthesia Monitoring Equipment – Troubleshooting
louise.hodnett0.50Respiratory Monitoring Under Anaesthesia
joannagodfreyrvn0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
joannagodfreyrvn0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
j.hebden0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
j.merritt1.17Canine Separation Related Conditions
harriet.brown0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
little_miss_4getful0.50Nursing the Diabetic In-Patient
j.merritt1.50The Nurse’s Role in Behaviour
j.merritt1.00Canine Separation Anxiety
pawsvets.lar1.00CPR – An Update
Charlotte Wheatley0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
little_miss_4getful0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
Charlotte Turpie0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
nicolagray160.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
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