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My CPD History

UserDateCPD HoursCPD Course
Miss Alice Priddy0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
joanne.andrews1.00Rabbit Nursing Care plans
Kim Hampson0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
sophielumb110.00Anaesthetic Complications and Emergencies – 4 week CPD
Paige Yates1.16Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair & After Care
Miss Alice Priddy0.75Chickens: Critical Care and Anaesthesia
Miss Alice Priddy0.50Chickens: Disease Prevention and Vermin Control
Miss Alice Priddy0.50Chickens: Diseases
Miss Alice Priddy0.50Chickens: Clinical Exam
Miss Alice Priddy0.50Chickens: Breeding and Incubation
Louise Kimberley0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Louise Kimberley0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
sarahbanning9410.00Anaesthetic Complications and Emergencies – 4 week CPD
Louise Kimberley0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Miss Alice Priddy0.50Chickens: Behaviour, Trends and Breeds
Joanne collins10.00Anaesthetic Complications and Emergencies – 4 week CPD
Rebecca Robinson10.00Anaesthetic Complications and Emergencies – 4 week CPD
elle.payne201510.00Anaesthetic Complications and Emergencies – 4 week CPD
liz.atkinson1.00Anaesthetic Circuits – Safe Selection and Use
Nathalie Ford1.00Role of the Head Nurse
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Pancreatitis – part 1: pathophysiology, clinical signs and diagnosis
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Analgesia at Home
Miss Alice Priddy0.50Chickens: Husbandry and Regulations
Miss Alice Priddy0.50Chickens: Anatomy and Physiology
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Difficult Cases in Obesity Clinics
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Peri-Operative Feeding
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Understanding Neuromuscular Blockade
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Gastric Dilation Volvulus
annie mott0.33Physical Examination of the Equine Neonate
Leigh-Anne Buse0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00The Circulatory System
Leigh-Anne Buse0.33Introduction to Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Parenteral Fluid Therapy
Anna Cameron0.75Laboratory Analysis
Anna Cameron0.50Tetanus
Leigh-Anne Buse0.33Post Op Physiotherapy for Spinal Patients
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50How to Identify and Cope with Cardiac Concerns in Anaesthesia
Louise Kimberley0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
annie mott0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
annie mott0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Poisons – A General Approach
Leigh-Anne Buse0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
sarah.binns0.50Acute Heart Failure
sarah.binns1.00CPR – An Update
sarah.binns0.50Calculating Feeding Plans
sarah.binns0.50Handling Aggressive Animals
Anna Cameron0.83Supporting Clients through Equine Bereavement
Anna Cameron0.75Castration and Hernias
Anna Cameron1.00Equine Wound Healing and Bandaging
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Analgesia Options for Small Animals
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia
Leigh-Anne Buse1.33Nursing the Recumbent Patient
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Safe Administration of Chemotherapy
Anna Cameron0.50URT – Respiratory Noise
Anna Cameron0.50URT – Nasal Discharge
liz.atkinson0.67Conditions of the Reproductive System
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Nursing the Spinal Patient
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Nutritional Assessment
sophie.powell1.00Anaesthesia for the Acute Abdomen
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Approach to Bleeding Disorders
Michelle Morris0.75Pancreatitis – part 1: pathophysiology, clinical signs and diagnosis
Elizabeth Else1.00Treatment of Liver Disease
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Immune Mediated Thrombocytopaenia
Leigh-Anne Buse0.67Leptospirosis
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Acute Heart Failure
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Nursing the Diabetic In-Patient
Leigh-Anne Buse0.67The Septic Patient
Michelle Morris10.00Anaesthetic Complications and Emergencies – 4 week CPD
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Raw Feeding
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Tetanus
Leigh-Anne Buse0.67Feline Hyperthyroidism
Leigh-Anne Buse0.83Feline Infectious Peritonitis
Leigh-Anne Buse0.83Seizures
liz.atkinson0.33Monitoring Blood Pressure under Anaesthesia
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Pain Physiology and Assessment
Anna Cameron0.33Bandages, Casts and Skin Grafts
liz.atkinson0.50Handling Aggressive Animals
liz.atkinson0.75Raw Feeding
liz.atkinson1.00The Whelping Bitch
liz.atkinson0.66Vaccinations in Rabbits
liz.atkinson1.00Breeding and Pregnancy in the Bitch
Leigh-Anne Buse0.67Care of the Ventilator Patient
Leigh-Anne Buse0.67Anaesthetic Complications
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Post Anaesthesia High Dependency Nursing
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Nursing the Pancreatitis Patient
charlie.sampson0.75Poisons – A General Approach
charlie.sampson0.75Poisons – Some Common Ones
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Anaesthetic Circuits – Safe Selection and Use
Anna Cameron0.67Role of the VN SQP
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Capnography
Leigh-Anne Buse0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
nicolabedford131.00Chest Drains
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Breeding and Pregnancy in the Bitch
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Assisted Feeding Techniques
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Calculating Feeding Plans
Emily Brett1.00Rabbit Clinics
Emily Brett0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Basic Physiotherapy for Recumbent and Respiratory Patients
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Monitoring Anaesthesia – What do the Numbers Mean?
Jo Mcgrath1.00Making a Nutritional Recommendation
Leigh-Anne Buse0.33Brachycephalics and Regurgitation
nicolabedford131.00Pericardial Effusions
Leigh-Anne Buse0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
Leigh-Anne Buse1.16Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair & After Care
Emily Brett0.83Obesity in the Face of Medical Disease
annalise.grayrvn0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Acute Kidney Injury
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Food Intolerance
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Diagnosis and Management of Addisons
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Diagnosis of Liver Disease
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Cushing’s Disease
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Clinical Staging of the Cancer Patient
kayleigh holder1.33CPR during Surgery
Anna Cameron0.75Surgical Management of Colic
missypowell871.25Understanding Rabbit Behaviour
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Tracheostomy in the Emergency Patient
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Chest Drains
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Getting to Grips with Jugular Catheters
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Pericardial Effusions
Anna Cameron0.50Medical Management of Colic
ardfarnal0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Leigh-Anne Buse0.83Pre-Anaesthetic Assessment and Stabilisation of Critical Patients
Leigh-Anne Buse0.33Recovery from Anaesthesia
Emily Brett1.00Difficult Cases in Obesity Clinics
Anna Cameron0.50Endoparasites of Horses
charlie.sampson0.75Wildlife Nursing
theabrahams70.50ECG Interpretation
Leigh-Anne Buse0.67Transfusion Medicine
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50ECG Interpretation
Anna Cameron0.50Introduction to Colic
Chris Fisher0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Leigh-Anne Buse0.75Portosystemic Shunts
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Pulse Oximetry – Optimising its use in Practice
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Analgesia in the Emergency Patient
Leigh-Anne Buse1.00Staying Alive – What’s New in CPR?
Leigh-Anne Buse0.50Hypovolaemia, Shock and Dehydration
megan.everett0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Chris Fisher0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Chris Fisher0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
emmaamme20001.00Staying Alive – What’s New in CPR?
emmaamme20001.00Peri-Operative Feeding
emmaamme20000.50Acute Kidney Injury
Vikki Moran0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
emmaamme20000.50Acute Heart Failure
emmaamme20000.75Portosystemic Shunts
emmaamme20000.75Cushing’s Disease
emmaamme20001.00Pericardial Effusions
emmaamme20001.00Diagnosis of Liver Disease
claire_watts70.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
emmaamme20001.00Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
emmaamme20000.75Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia
Anna Cameron0.83Pregnancy and Parturition
emmaamme20001.16Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair & After Care
claire_watts70.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
lucy.rowley0.33Monitoring Blood Pressure under Anaesthesia
emmaamme20001.00Monitoring Anaesthesia – What do the Numbers Mean?
emmaamme20000.83Feline Infectious Peritonitis
claire_watts70.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
claire_watts70.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
megan.everett0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
emmaamme20001.00Diagnosis and Management of Addisons
megan.everett0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
emmaamme20001.00Analgesia in the Emergency Patient
emmaamme20001.00Approach to Bleeding Disorders
Vikki Moran1.00Breeding and Pregnancy in the Bitch
emmaamme20001.00Anaesthesia for the Acute Abdomen
emmaamme20001.00Analgesia at Home
Becky Whitehouse0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
emmaamme20001.00Chest Drains
Louise Rainbow0.50Anaesthesia Equipment – Safety Checks
faye1_5070.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
annette sherry1.33Dental Clinics
fizzahmet0.75Poisons – A General Approach
Donna Jude0.17Local Anaesthesia of the Thoracic Limb
Donna Jude0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
Donna Jude0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Donna Jude0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Donna Jude0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Anna Cameron0.33Physical Examination of the Equine Neonate
debssayer231.00Blood Transfusions
ApsRVN0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
debssayer230.50ECG Interpretation
debssayer230.75Portosystemic Shunts
debssayer230.50Hypovolaemia, Shock and Dehydration
emilystaniland0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
debssayer230.50Acute Heart Failure
debssayer230.75Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia
Josie Oldfield1.00Nursing the Fracture Patient
debssayer230.50Immune Mediated Thrombocytopaenia
Josie Oldfield0.50Nursing the Spinal Patient
Josie Oldfield0.50Nursing Cataract Patients
Josie Oldfield0.75Nursing the Patient with Tumours
debssayer231.00Approach to Bleeding Disorders
debssayer231.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
debssayer230.50Diagnostic Tests for Cardiac Patients
debssayer230.50Canine Heart Disease
debssayer231.00Pericardial Effusions
78lauren941.00Analgesia at Home
debssayer230.50Feline Heart Disease
debssayer231.00The Circulatory System
debssayer231.00Nursing the Pancreatitis Patient
debssayer231.00Treatment of Liver Disease
debssayer231.00Diagnosis of Liver Disease
debssayer231.00Parenteral Fluid Therapy
annette sherry0.75Back to Dental Basics
debssayer230.50Acute Kidney Injury
flora.nunes870.50Nursing the Spinal Patient
emmavn20150.50Pulse Oximetry – Optimising its use in Practice
Kerry Melville0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
j.merritt0.83Parrot Behaviour
Lauren Bowe0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
emmavn20151.16Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair & After Care
Emily Holmes0.33Angiostrongylus Vasorum
emmavn20150.75Poisons – Some Common Ones
Helen Connor0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Helen Connor0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Emily Holmes0.50Acute Kidney Injury
lauren.spittle0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
lauren.spittle0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
lauren.spittle0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Jo Mcgrath1.00Back to Bunny Basics
lauren.spittle0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Tamara Lindsey0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Emma Fordham0.17Local Anaesthesia of the Thoracic Limb
Tamara Lindsey0.50Capnography
julia kirk0.50Anaesthesia Equipment – Safety Checks
Shannon Moses0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
emmavn20150.75Poisons – A General Approach
Alessandra Paleari1.17Behavioural Approach to FLUTD
dipdopsim0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Alessandra Paleari1.25Feline Behavioural Problems
peskyjules0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Emily Holmes1.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
Emily Chatterton0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
emmavn20150.50Gastric Dilation Volvulus
Rebecca Bradshaw0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
karinalaurelledobbs0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
Jo Mcgrath0.50Capnography
peskyjules0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Jo Mcgrath0.66Vaccinations in Rabbits
chloe harding0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
chloe harding0.17Local Anaesthesia of the Thoracic Limb
beckskelly1.00CPR – An Update
chloe harding0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
chloe harding0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Emily Holmes0.50ECG Interpretation
chloe harding0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Yvette Bell0.75Portosystemic Shunts
chloe harding0.25Veterinary Coaching – A Free Taster Session
l.shearing1.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
Alisha Rae1.00Analgesia Options for Small Animals
Alisha Rae0.83Palliative Nursing Care for Cancer Patients
Alisha Rae0.33Anaesthesia Monitoring Equipment – Troubleshooting
Alisha Rae1.00Post Anaesthesia High Dependency Nursing
hannahzoemccormick0.33Bandages, Casts and Skin Grafts
hannahzoemccormick0.33Physical Examination of the Equine Neonate
hannahzoemccormick0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Alisha Rae0.75Pre-Operative Nursing
cheryl_s0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
beckychyvean0.75Laboratory Analysis
beckychyvean1.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
beckychyvean0.75Oxygen Therapy
beckychyvean0.33Monitoring Blood Pressure under Anaesthesia
beckychyvean0.50Pulse Oximetry – Optimising its use in Practice
beckychyvean0.50Respiratory Monitoring Under Anaesthesia
Nicola Lawrence0.50Capnography
Nicola Lawrence0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
steph.nicholls70.50Respiratory Monitoring Under Anaesthesia
Alisha Rae0.75Consulting Skills for Vet Nurses
Alisha Rae1.00Team Work
florencedalley930.50Hypovolaemia, Shock and Dehydration
Alessandra Paleari0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
Alessandra Paleari0.75Optimising Post-Op Care
Alessandra Paleari0.75Pre-Operative Nursing
stephaniepinfold260.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
stephaniepinfold260.17Local Anaesthesia of the Thoracic Limb
melbelton0.50Anaesthesia Equipment – Safety Checks
melbelton0.50Feline Hypertension
melbelton0.33Angiostrongylus Vasorum
melbelton1.00Blood Transfusions
melbelton1.00Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
melbelton0.67Care of the Ventilator Patient
melbelton0.50Acute Kidney Injury
melbelton0.75Triage and Major Body System Examination
melbelton0.50Hypovolaemia, Shock and Dehydration
melbelton1.00Parenteral Fluid Therapy
melbelton0.50Gastric Dilation Volvulus
melbelton1.00Diagnosis and Management of Addisons
melbelton1.00Approach to Bleeding Disorders
melbelton0.75Cushing’s Disease
melbelton0.67Feline Hyperthyroidism
melbelton0.67The Septic Patient
melbelton1.00Analgesia Options for Small Animals
melbelton1.00Anaesthesia for the Acute Abdomen
melbelton0.50How to Identify and Cope with Cardiac Concerns in Anaesthesia
melbelton1.16Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair & After Care
melbelton1.00The Diabetic Clinic
melbelton0.75Portosystemic Shunts
melbelton1.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
melbelton1.00Assisted Feeding Techniques
melbelton1.00Chest Drains
Alessandra Paleari1.75Nursing the Respiratory Patient
Alessandra Paleari1.00Approach to Bleeding Disorders
nicole.rojasuriona0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
suzierodgers0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Alisha Rae1.00Motivating the Team
Alisha Rae1.00Role of the Head Nurse
melbelton0.33Brachycephalics and Regurgitation
melbelton1.00Post Anaesthesia High Dependency Nursing
melbelton1.00Anaesthesia for Geriatric Patients
Alessandra Paleari1.00Anaesthesia for Geriatric Patients
melbelton1.00Anaesthesia of Neonates and Paediatrics
melbelton0.67Anaesthetic Complications
Alessandra Paleari1.00Anaesthesia of Neonates and Paediatrics
melbelton0.83Pre-Anaesthetic Assessment and Stabilisation of Critical Patients
Alessandra Paleari1.00Anaesthetic Circuits – Safe Selection and Use
Alessandra Paleari1.00Blood Transfusions
nbvdlaak1.00Safe Anaesthesia for Brachycephalics
melbelton0.50Flystrike in Rabbits
melbelton0.75Wildlife Nursing
Lucas Pittaway0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Sam0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
syreeta young0.17Local Anaesthesia of the Thoracic Limb
syreeta young0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
syreeta young0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
syreeta young0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
Alessandra Paleari1.33CPR during Surgery
Alessandra Paleari0.50Pulse Oximetry – Optimising its use in Practice
Alessandra Paleari0.50Hypovolaemia, Shock and Dehydration
Alessandra Paleari1.00Assisted Feeding Techniques
Alessandra Paleari1.00Understanding Feline Behaviour
Alessandra Paleari0.50Handling Aggressive Animals
Alessandra Paleari0.33Senior Feline Clinics
caitlinpople0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Michelle Morris1.00Analgesia at Home
Michelle Morris0.75Wildlife Nursing
michelle cosgrove0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
michelle cosgrove0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
michelle cosgrove0.25Veterinary Coaching – A Free Taster Session
Sam1.00Acid Base and Blood Gas Analysis
melbelton0.50Suturing, Gloving and Gowning
melbelton0.50Diagnostic Tests for Cardiac Patients
Fiona.Mullan0.50Perioperative Infection Control
Rose Dean0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
florencedalley931.50Bringing a New Cat Home – Avoiding Problems
florencedalley930.75Poisons – A General Approach
florencedalley930.75Consulting Skills for Vet Nurses
Fiona.Mullan0.67Puppy Behaviour Problems
florencedalley931.00Dental Radiography
florencedalley931.00Pericardial Effusions
florencedalley930.50Handling Aggressive Animals
florencedalley930.83Feline Infectious Peritonitis
Matilda Woodward0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
melissacooper3460.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
melbelton0.33Monitoring Blood Pressure under Anaesthesia
melbelton0.75Laboratory Analysis
henriettafidler0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
henriettafidler0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
melbelton0.75Neutering the Cat and Dog
henriettafidler0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Fiona.Mullan0.33Monitoring Blood Pressure under Anaesthesia
Sophie Hesketh0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
r.nickerson250991.00Monitoring Anaesthesia – What do the Numbers Mean?
melbelton0.33Flea Treatment and Control
melbelton0.50ECG Interpretation
melbelton1.00Anaesthetic Circuits – Safe Selection and Use
melbelton0.50Small Mammal Anaesthesia
melbelton1.00Rabbits: Common Illnesses
melbelton0.50Calculating Feeding Plans
melbelton1.00CPR – An Update
melbelton0.75Well Pet Clinics
beckychyvean1.00Rabbit Clinics
melbelton0.67Wound Care – First Aid and Dressings
melbelton0.83Anorexia in Rabbits
Sam0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Olivia Thompson0.83Urinalysis
rngarratt1.00Post Anaesthesia High Dependency Nursing
Sam1.00CPR – An Update
melbelton0.33Anaesthesia Monitoring Equipment – Troubleshooting
melbelton1.00Monitoring Anaesthesia – What do the Numbers Mean?
Kerry Holmes0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Kerry Holmes0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Kerry Holmes0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
s.steane0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
s.steane0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Radu Morindau0.50Chickens: Clinical Exam
beckychyvean1.00Rabbit Nutrition
Olivia Thompson0.67Anaesthetic Complications
Jennifer Meers0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Jennifer Meers0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Olivia Thompson0.50Handling Aggressive Animals
Laura McGrath2.00Applying Psychology in Veterinary Practice
Olivia Thompson1.00Post Anaesthesia High Dependency Nursing
s.steane0.50Flystrike in Rabbits
nicolagray161.00Canine Separation Anxiety
florencedalley930.83Anorexia in Rabbits
florencedalley931.00Puppy Socialisation
florencedalley930.67Puppy Behaviour Problems
Debra Hillier0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
caitlin1.00Dental Radiography
Olivia Thompson1.00Anaesthetic Circuits – Safe Selection and Use
Rachel Atherton0.83Supporting Clients through Equine Bereavement
Olivia Thompson0.50Anaesthesia Equipment – Safety Checks
Olivia Thompson0.33Recovery from Anaesthesia
Lauren Bowe0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Olivia Thompson0.67Communicating with Customers
Jadeweeks10.75Endoparasites of Cats and Dogs
Olivia Thompson0.75Consulting Skills for Vet Nurses
Kate Barcoe0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
ashleylocumrvn0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
nicole.rojasuriona0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
nicole.rojasuriona0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Betriece MASH0.25Veterinary Coaching – A Free Taster Session
nicole.rojasuriona0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Jadeweeks10.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Olivia Thompson0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Jadeweeks10.50Feline Hypertension
Olivia Thompson0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
beckychyvean1.00Blood Transfusions
Laura Lim0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Laura Lim0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Holly Elcock0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
emmavn20150.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Amy Norton0.50Small Mammal Anaesthesia
Amy Norton0.33Anaesthesia Monitoring Equipment – Troubleshooting
Amy Norton0.50Anaesthesia Equipment – Safety Checks
Lauren Bull0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Amy Norton1.00Anaesthetic Circuits – Safe Selection and Use
Fionnuala Kevan0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Jadeweeks10.83Feline Infectious Peritonitis
pawsvets.lar0.50ECG Interpretation
pawsvets.lar0.33Monitoring Blood Pressure under Anaesthesia
amie.parker0.75Poisons – A General Approach
amie.parker1.00Approach to Bleeding Disorders
pawsvets.lar1.00Dental Radiography
amie.parker1.00Rabbits: Common Illnesses
hannahzoemccormick0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
Sophie Horton-Smith0.50ECG Interpretation
Llouise Grooms0.25Veterinary Coaching – A Free Taster Session
Llouise Grooms0.67Puppy Behaviour Problems
Llouise Grooms1.00Puppy Socialisation
pawsvets.lar1.00Role of the Head Nurse
pawsvets.lar0.50Hypovolaemia, Shock and Dehydration
pawsvets.lar0.50Gastric Dilation Volvulus
pawsvets.lar0.75Laboratory Analysis
Pike.Emma1.50Keeping Cats Indoors Forever
nicolagray161.00Monitoring Anaesthesia – What do the Numbers Mean?
Pike.Emma1.00Difficult Cases in Obesity Clinics
Pike.Emma0.50Getting to Grips with Jugular Catheters
Pike.Emma1.00Infection Control
Michelle Morris1.00Monitoring Anaesthesia – What do the Numbers Mean?
Elaine Fulton1.00Treatment of Liver Disease
Elaine Fulton0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Elaine Fulton0.33Nutrition for the Hospitalised Patient
Elaine Fulton0.33Feline Reproduction Nutrition
emmavn20150.33Brachycephalics and Regurgitation
Elaine Fulton0.25Introduction to Neurological Physiotherapy
Ems Fitzherbert1.00Breeding and Pregnancy in the Bitch
Ems Fitzherbert1.00Rabbit Clinics
Ems Fitzherbert0.25Nutritional Management of Overweight Pets
Pike.Emma1.16Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair & After Care
Pike.Emma1.00Diagnosis of Liver Disease
Pike.Emma1.00Diagnosis and Management of Addisons
Pike.Emma1.33Dental Clinics
amie.parker0.50Getting to Grips with Jugular Catheters
sgarland9900.83Feline Infectious Peritonitis
amie.parker1.00CPR – An Update
julie.morris1.00Tracheostomy in the Emergency Patient
julie.morris0.50Pulse Oximetry – Optimising its use in Practice
julie.morris1.00Chest Drains
sgarland9901.00Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
elainecburke0.50How to Identify and Cope with Cardiac Concerns in Anaesthesia
julie.morris0.50Getting to Grips with Jugular Catheters
julie.morris1.00Assisted Feeding Techniques
julie.morris2.00Applying Psychology in Veterinary Practice
julie.morris1.00Anaesthetic Circuits – Safe Selection and Use
sgarland9900.50Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease
elainecburke0.67Anaesthetic Complications
julie.morris0.50Anaesthesia Equipment – Safety Checks
julie.morris0.50Calculating Feeding Plans
julie.morris0.50Handling Aggressive Animals
Pike.Emma1.33CPR during Surgery
julie.morris1.00Analgesia in the Emergency Patient
julie.morris0.50Hypovolaemia, Shock and Dehydration
Rebecca Bradshaw0.50Respiratory Monitoring Under Anaesthesia
Pike.Emma0.75Consulting Skills for Vet Nurses
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