Cats are more popular than ever before. The stresses of modern life however mean that many of them, despite being much loved pets, find living alongside people and/or other companion animals difficult. As a result, veterinary nurses are commonly consulted about aggression directed towards both people and other cats, within the household or neighbourhood. Before we try to advise such owners it is essential that we really understand why and when a cat is likely to become aggressive and what if anything can be done to help. Such understanding will not only increase our confidence when dealing with these often distressed clients in the first opinion clinic but it is also likely to improve the quality of the advice we are able to give.

In this 110 minute eCPD tutorial we will cover:

  • The complex nature of aggression and how it is classified
  • The various motivational states which give rise to aggression in cats and the factors, social and environmental, that affect them
  • How an aggression case is approached, including first aid advice and the various treatment options that are available to us

This CPD tutorial is worth 110 minutes towards your RCVS requirements.