Suturing, Gloving and Gowning

eCPD Tutorial with Kelly Bowlt-Blacklock

There are an overwhelming number of suture materials available on the market and most practices have at least one shelf or cupboard stuffed to bursting with a dizzying array of materials, brands, sizes and needle types. This 30 minute eCPD tutorial aims to demystify the complexity surrounding suture materials and explains how and why a type of material will be used. Knowledge in this area will aid in preoperative planning, during surgery (where nurses can select and make ready the appropriate materials), and reduce unnecessary stock ordering. Videos will detail how to perform simple suturing, (simple interrupted, simple continuous patterns), in addition to surgical scrubbing, gowning and closed gloving ready for theatre (you may wish to have some equipment to hand to participate in the practical aspect).

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Suturing, Gloving and Gowning

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