Conditions of the Reproductive System

eCPD Tutorial with Tanya Yelland

This 40 minute online vet nurse tutorial, will give you an insight into the different urogenital and genital conditions that can occur and how they are managed in practice. It will provide a refresher on the anatomy of the reproductive system and the hormones that are in involved in the reproductive process.

Hormones are often actively involved in some reproductive conditions and this tutorial will cover the more common conditions, their clinical signs, and treatment. In the female, the tutorial will discuss cystic ovaries, ovarian and uterine tumours, pyometra, false pregnancy, mastitis, vaginal prolapse, mammary tumours and urinary incontinence. In males, the tutorial covers retained testicles, prostatic disease, paraphimosis and testicular tumours. The tutorial will conclude with an overview of the caesarean section.

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Conditions of the Reproductive System

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