Approach to the Trauma Patient

  • Initial assessment
  • Common injuries
  • Stabilisation techniques
  • Nursing considerations

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe the process of triage and initial assessment of the trauma patient in order to identify injuries
  • List common injuries associated with trauma and explain how these can affect the patient including head trauma, uroabdomen, respiratory distress, wounds and fractures
  • Discuss different stabilisation techniques which may be used in the emergency trauma patient
  • Describe the nursing considerations for the trauma patient and how these can be implemented in the care plan

Whilst veterinary students, veterinary surgeons and non-clinical staff are welcome to attend the course, please bear in mind the content will be aimed specifically at veterinary nurses in general practice.

There are 350 delegates on this course, so please only email for help if you can't find the information you need either in the PDF guide below, or on the website (thanks for understanding!) 

Online Tutored CPD Course - PDF Guide