Online CPD for Vet Nurses

Infectious Disease in Rabbits

Many diseases which affect rabbits can be passed onto other rabbits and also humans. Being able to recognise and treat these diseases and know how to prevent them is important. This lecture covers myxomatosis, RVHD1 and RVHD2, ear mites, Cheyletiella and Pasteurella. Clinical signs and treatments are discussed as well as a timeline of myxomatosis

Understanding Rabbit Behaviour

The aim of this 75 minute eCPD tutorial is to examine the behaviour of the species and how this should influence our care of rabbits at home and in the veterinary clinic. The rabbit is the UK’s third most popular pet but regrettably the species is frequently misunderstood and commonly inadequately catered for. This is

Feline Behavioural Problems

This 75 minute eCPD tutorial will discuss feline stress and its role in undermining welfare and causing behavioural problems in cats. It will look at how to identify feline stress and also how to approach a feline behaviour problem, including basic ‘first aid’ advice, what to include in a behavioural investigation and the main treatment