Online CPD for Vet Nurses

Introduction to Fluid Therapy

Although commonly used in everyday clinical practice, fluid therapy is often not considered in great detail, all too often resulting in a blanket “one rate fits all” approach. The topic of fluid therapy is huge and can be quite complex. However, this 50 minute eCPD tutorial aims to give a practical overview of the subject.

Rabbit Anaesthesia

This 50 minute online tutorial will discuss rabbit anaesthesia from induction to recovery.  Reducing stress when travelling to the practice and whilst in the practice, will help to  ensure rabbits undergoing anaesthesia remain as calm as possible.  We will also discuss the importance of pre op checks and checklists, patient positioning and how to monitor

Pancreatitis – Treatment and Nursing Care (part 2)

This 50 minute eCPD tutorial follows on from part 1. Pancreatitis is a disease which allows nurses to be really hands on and involved in many aspects. From the treatment options to pain assessments, choices of analgesia available and our reasons for choosing each one. Calculating and planning the nutritional needs, daily assessments and prognosis.

Senior Rabbit Care

This 50 minute online tutorial will discuss all aspects of caring for senior rabbits.  Developments in veterinary health and understanding of welfare over the last 10-15 years, means that rabbits are now expected to live much longer.  Owners are rightly demanding a higher standard of care for their rabbits, on a par with dogs and cats. Many rabbits

Anorexia in Rabbits

This 50 minute eCPD tutorial will discuss anorexia in rabbits, which is a very complex subject. The causes can be numerous and the knock on effects of anorexia, as well as causes can prove fatal if left for any length of time. It is important to recognise signs as soon as possible and instigate the


This 50 minute eCPD tutorial begins with an introduction of what a seizure is and the different types of seizure you may see in small animals.  We will discuss the aetiology of seizures, anti-epileptic medications, nursing care of the seizure patient, mimics of seizures and lastly some interactive videos to interpret – is it a seizure

Pre-Anaesthetic Assessment and Stabilisation of Critical Patients

Anaesthetising critically ill patients can present a challenge to even the most experienced nurses.  Careful planning, assessment, and stabilisation, along with good communication with the vet may optimise the chance of a successful outcome.  This 50 minute eCPD tutorial will discuss all aspects of assessment and stabilisation, with emphasis on the nurse’s role, including: Assessment

Problematic Behaviours in Companion Animals

This 50 minute eCPD tutorial will define behaviour problems and the subsequent consequences for pets and people.  It will discuss the complications associated with diagnosing problem behaviours, the common themes underlying such problems, and most importantly, what nurses can do to help. Problematic behaviour in companion animals often undermines the pet-owning experience and is not