Online CPD for Vet Nurses


  The patient with heatstroke is still a common presentation to veterinary practice and it is vital that we are able to treat the initial condition and monitor for complications that are often seen. This 40 minute eCPD tutorial discusses the reasons why we encounter heatstroke, how we go about stabilisation and how to monitor

Stress in Rabbits

Rabbits are programmed to be in a heightened state of alert and on the lookout for danger. Their prey drive makes them a species prone to stress and the effects of it. Rabbits may not show obvious signs of stress, but when these subtle signs are missed they can evoke more noticeable signs, which lead

Optimising Intra Anaesthetic Management

This 40 minute eCPD tutorial covers the important aspects of patient care during anaesthesia.  Although general anaesthesia can be essential to allows perform diagnostic and surgical procedures be performed patients, it is not without risk. While the anaesthetic recovery period is known to confer the greatest risk in the anaesthetic period, a significant number of

Vaccinations in Rabbits

This 40 minute eCPD tutorial will discuss all aspects of rabbit vaccination. Vaccinations form a core part of preventative health care for rabbits. They are essential for all rabbits to help protect against Myxomatosis, and both strain 1 and 2 of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease.   There are 3 vaccines available for use with rabbits. These

Transfusion Medicine

This 40 minute eCPD tutorial provides an insight into the importance of a nurse’s role in all aspects of transfusion medicine.  Covering many areas such as collection, handling and administration, including a variety of tests necessary to ensure patient safety.  There is an overview of the blood products available and why and when we would use

Anger Management

This 40 minute eCPD tutorial  explores the uses and abuses of anger, and explains how we can control and use our anger effectively. It covers: What anger is. How our past can affect our anger in the present. Our brain’s reaction to perceived threats. How we can control and harness our anger. The effects of

Conditions of the Reproductive System

This 40 minute online vet nurse tutorial, will give you an insight into the different urogenital and genital conditions that can occur and how they are managed in practice. It will provide a refresher on the anatomy of the reproductive system and the hormones that are in involved in the reproductive process. Hormones are often

Pet Bereavement

This 40 minute eCPD tutorial will help you understand pet bereavement counselling within veterinary practice. It introduces key terms within loss and grief and provides deeper understanding of the psychology of pet-person relationships – what is often termed the human-companion animal relationship (HCAR). Models for understanding grief are introduced, with practical case study examples, highlighting