Online CPD for Vet Nurses

Simple Steps in Blood Gas Analysis

  Do you find yourself taking bloods from your patients and sticking the results to their paperwork ten times a day in robot fashion? Would you like to know a bit more about what they mean? This 30 minute tutorial is a quickfire guide to looking at a blood gas report and interpreting the acid

Introduction to Monitoring General Anaesthesia and Pulse Oximetry

  This 30 minute online tutorial begins by introducing some basic principles in terms of the necessary preparation prior to a general anaesthetic; touching on the clinical parameters we monitor and how they can be monitored. This leads on to one of the most commonly available and used pieces of monitoring equipment – the pulse

Feeding Tubes

  This 30 minute online tutorial discusses the  pros and cons of different types of feeding tubes that can be used in practice.  It will focus on tube placement from a nurse’s perspective, management and how to administer tube feeds.

Approach to Capnography

During this 30 minute online tutorial, we are going to discuss the approach to capnography. Where and how carbon dioxide is produced in the body How oxygen is delivered to cells and carbon dioxide removed The capnography trace and identification of abnormalities How to fix the abnormalities Monitoring capnography and its uses This CPD tutorial

Flystrike in Rabbits

This 30 minute eCPD tutorial will discuss flystrike, which is serious health concern with pet rabbits. There are many underlying reasons for rabbits to become affected by flystrike, but the condition can also befall rabbits who don’t fall into any of these high risk categories. It is imperative that owners, who suspect their rabbits are

Monitoring Blood Pressure under Anaesthesia

The importance of blood pressure monitoring during anaesthesia is becoming more recognised amongst the veterinary practice industry. It is imperative that we understand how to monitor this parameter, why we do it, and what effects anaesthetic drugs may have on the cardiovascular system, so we can fully interpret the results and act as required. In

Nursing Cataract Patients

This 30 minute online vet nurse CPD tutorial will be looking at the different types of cataracts that can affect cats and dogs and the various treatment options available. It will give you an idea of the nursing considerations that are vital during the pre, peri and post-operative periods to enable our patients to have

Nursing the Spinal Patient

This 30 minute eCPD tutorial will give veterinary nurses a better understanding of the types of neurological and spinal problems that can be seen in dogs within veterinary practice. It will discuss the clinical signs these dogs may present with, the treatment options and most importantly the pre, peri and post operative nursing requirements that