Online CPD for Vet Nurses

Pain and Analgesia – 4 Week CPD

As veterinary nurses, we want to provide our patients with the best possible care that we can and it’s hard to see our patients suffering and in pain. Luckily our profession allows us to prevent this in many ways, but are we tackling pain the right way and making the best choices for analgesia? Can

Anaesthetising Dental Patients – 4 week CPD

As RVN’s we can be involved with assisting the surgery for dental treatments, but more often our role within the dentistry suite falls into the role of monitoring and assisting with the anaesthesia plan for our dentistry procedures. This can be a daunting prospect with many factors to consider.  This course will help reduce stress

Surgical Emergencies – 4 week CPD

Week 1 Approach to the Caesarean Patient Brief overview of parturition Complications of parturition Caesarian section Learning outcomes: After completion of this week, participants should be able to: Explain complications that might occur in parturition Explain the reasons for intervening in these cases in order to perform a C section Understand nursing of the caesarean

The Nurse’s Role in Managing Chronic Feline Diseases – 4 Week CPD

Week 1 The Nurse’s Role in Medical Clinics – When, Why and How? Why set up a monitoring clinic? How to set up a monitoring clinic Equipment needed for a monitoring clinic Learning objectives After completion of this week, participants should be able to: Understand the importance of nurses being involved in the long term

Equine Nursing – 4 Week CPD

Week 1 Broodmares : Dystocia, Caesarean and Post-op Care Define dystocia and recognise the stages of labour Maternal causes of dystocia Surgical and non-surgical interventions Post-operative care of the mare Post op complications and preventative measures Learning objectives After completion of this week, participants should be able to: Know the definition of dystocia and be

The Role of the Head Nurse – 4 Week CPD

Week 1 Performance Reviews and Appraisals This first week, we will look at how to conduct appraisals and performance reviews. We will look at the different styles of checklists and forms that can be used to conduct these sessions, and we will discuss how to give feedback, whether good or bad. We will look at

Emergency Rabbit Care – Anaesthesia, Analgesia and Critical Care – 4 week CPD

Week 1 Making Rabbit Anaesthesia Safer Pre-op advice for clients ASA grading – what increases the risk Monitoring under general anaesthesia Post-operative care Learning objectives We will recap rabbit anaesthesia and how you can help build up your confidence, including pre op, intra op and post op care Signs to be monitoring under anaesthesia –